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Why Use a Professional 
Pet Sitting Service?

  Pets are happier & healthier in their own home environment.

  Eliminates trauma for your pet of being left in an unfamiliar place.

  Eliminates the hassles of transporting your pet to and from a kennel.

  There is no exposure to other animals, sickness or parasites.

  Relatives, friends or neighbors will not be inconvenienced by your pet and the additional responsibilities.

  Gives you peace of mind, knowing that your pets and home will be cared for by a professional, while you are away.


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Paws at Home Pet Sitting has been providing quality pet care since 2006.  Our service provides your dog, cat, and other pets the care they need when you're away.  Your pet will stay in their own secure, familiar environment.   Avoid exposure to illness from other animals.   They will receive lots of love and attention from pets at home!

How Our Services Work
When you call or email Paws at Home, we arrange for a FREE visit to your home to meet you and your pet, get detailed information about caring for your pet, pick up door key, and complete the service agreement.

When you choose Paws at Home Pet Sitting, your pet companions will receive:

- Fresh food and water, including special diets as requested
- Administer medications as needed
- Play and/or dog walking at every visit, or as directed by owner
- Maintain litter boxes and/or cages and habitats
- Lots of love, TLC, and attention is always included!

The following services are available at no additional cost: 

- Detailed visit notes
- Bringing in mail, newspapers and packages
- Alternate lights and blinds/curtains as requested
- Turn on a radio and/or television for pets
- Trash cans taken out on pickup day
- Plant and garden watering 

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